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For curly hair
"Asana helps to control pristine curls and let the natural beauty come...

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For curly hair
"Asana helps to control pristine curls and let the natural beauty come forward. It lends its name to the yoga position that sends energy to specific parts of our body, allowing us to regain both physical and mental well-being. "

Ensures the recovery of the curl in the hair and maintains control over it. Prevents the dreaded frizzy effect.

Active "Asana" ingredients
Sunflower seed extracts:
from which biomimetic phytoceramides are obtained. These form a protective layer that softens the hair and makes the curls more visible. The extracts ensure a long preservation of the natural curl.

Jojoba oil:
Is comparable in composition with human tallow. This makes it very popular for cosmetic products that improve the appearance of both the hair and the skin. Jojoba is known for its large amount of fatty acids, which means that they have an extremely nourishing and moisturizing effect.

Linseed oil:
Contains linoleic acid. Linoleic acid provides the hydration and therefore the elasticity of the skin. The cosmetic application on the hair prevents split ends and improves, hydrates and restructures the hair fiber.

It has the warm glow of the setting sun and evokes the beauty of zincite, a stone known to balance energy and restore harmony. This leads to joy and creativity. The powerful scent creates vitality and energy.

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