Online payment

Our partner Mollie NV guarantees a 100% secure online payment. Thanks to the secure SSL connection from our partner Mollie you run no risk. In addition, the online payment is also very simple. you still experiencing problems? Then you can always phone our Customer Service on freephone +32 (0)89 35 11 92 which gladly help.

Frequently asked questions about online payments

Is my payment safe?

Thanks to our payment partner Mollie we have a secure and reliable payment system so you are sure that the payment is secure. Once you've gone through five steps of the ordering process and you click "Send order and payment," you will be redirected to a secure https page of our payment partner Mollie. Your payment details and credit card information will only be used for payment and will never be disclosed to other parties.

How can I pay online?

Regardless of which payment method you choose, we can only deliver your package once we have received the payment.

Payment by debit card: Bancontact or Maestro
When paying with a debit card, we almost immediately received the payment. Your package can be prepared more quickly for shipment, provided that the available stock. Please note that the options to pay with debit or Maestro are not applicable to payments made with a Dutch debit card.

Payment by credit card: Visa, MasterCard
When paying with a credit card, we almost immediately received the payment. Your package can be prepared more quickly for shipment, provided that the available stock. This payment is also requested the verification code from the card. The verification code with a credit card is not required to fill in when you pay with Visa or MasterCard, American Express or when. This check only verifies that your card is not used by an unauthorized person.

For the verification code for Visa or MasterCard, look your best on the back of your card where you'll find a 3 digit code in your signature field. You will either after you complete account number or after the last 4 digits of your account number.

Payment by PayPal
To use this payment method, you need a PayPal account. Then you can with your email address and password payments quickly and easily accomplish without that you need a card reader.

You will see a screen where you enter the email address where you would like to receive the payment information. Be sure to click on the button "Yes, I confirm my order". In the next screen, you get the details of your bank transfer.

How can I pay online from countries other than Belgium?

Payment by credit card: Visa, MasterCard or American Express
Payment by PayPal

How can I receive an invoice as a company ?

An invoice will always be printed and inserted into the box, whether business or private. You will receive the bill so delivered. Wish you the VAT number of your company is listed on your bill, please do not forget to indicate in Step 1 of the ordering process "personal data" that it is a business type account. So you can enter the company name and VAT number.